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About Anadhanam

“Anadhanam provides a digital platform to connect stakeholders in surplus food recycling”

While the food wastage in on a constant rise, the hunger hotspots with thousands of people to be fed are also increasing exponentially. Solving this nation-wide hunger could be as simple as carrying out efficient redistribution of excess food. The total amount of the food wasted every year could easily feed over four times the 795 million people who are hungry. Although the efforts by NGOs and other such organizations steadily increasing, it is nowhere getting close to addressing this issue to the required magnitude.


There are 820 million hungry people in the world today!
Countries Have Serious Problem
is the biggest health risk
Million Deaths a Year
Seconds One Child Dies
Is solving global hunger as simple as food waste redistribution?
9.6% of the global population living in poverty (less than $1.90 a day)
1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year around the world, which represents one third of global food production.
The total amount of wasted food generated every year could feed more than four times the 820 million poor people who go hungry.
Economic cost of wasted food is ~ 1 trillion US Dollars /year.

Global Food Waste in Numbers!

The environmental cost of one meal - whether eaten or thrown out
To deliver one meal to one person requires.
Anadhanam Platform for NGO

Anadhanam Platform for NGO

  • 1. Employees & Volunteers
    • Transport & distribution
    • Mapping of Hunger Hotspots
    • Networking with suppliers
  • 2. Consumers
    • BPL hunger hotspots
    • Orphanages
    • Old Age homes
    • Government Hospitals
    • Slums
  • 3. Food Suppliers
    • Hotels & Restaurants
    • Hostels
    • Wedding Halls
    • Large Residential Communities
    • Community Kitchens
    • Catering Companies
    • Corporate Canteens
  • 4. Funding
    • NGO Sponsors
    • Corporate & CSR Funding
    • Donors

Get More with Our Technology - Enabled Digital Platform

  • 1Supplier Registration
  • 2Volunteer Registration
  • 3Consumer Hotspot Registration
  • 4Display Consumer Hotspot
  • 5Consumer Hotspot NGO Mapping
  • 6Food Quality Check
  • 7Food Pick-up and Delivery Status Update
  • 8Status Notification (Supplier, Volunteer and Consumer)
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web platform

Anadhanam – The Web Platform

  • Each registered NGO will have a dedicated web platform space from which they can run, plan and co-ordinate all their activities.
  • Each NGO will also have dedicated workspace for their regional heads and where they can on-board volunteers, food suppliers, food collection and distribution logistics etc.
  • The web platform will show the Country wide hunger zone mapping and NGO work territories database for donors to view and for other Marketing activities.