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Yes, you can choose a specific NGO from the list of registered NGOs on Anadhanam that aligns with your cause and values and supports those who are in need.

Yes, both individuals and organizations are welcome to use Anadhanam to make donations and support recipient organizations. However, you must register as an organization on Anadhanam to donate to an organization.

Through Anadhanam, you can donate funds, food, and rations. You can choose the type of support you want to provide based on the project requirements run by registered NGOs on Anadhanam.

Through Anadhanam, you can donate food, ration, and funds. You can contact individual NGOs for non-food donations.

As Valliappa Foundation is a registered 80G non-profit organization, donations made through Anadhanam may be eligible for tax deductions as per local tax laws. Although, Anadhanam provides donation receipts for your contributions.

Anadhanam works with registered NGOs to ensure transparent and accountable distribution of donations. A notification acknowledging your contributions will be sent via email, which can also be tracked on the website. Apart from that, Anadhanam uses blockchain technology to ensure transparency and accountable fund distribution.

You can access it by visiting the "Get Involved" page on the Anadhanam portal.

Once the donated amount is transferred to the Anadhanam account and verified by our team, you’ll be notified to download the receipt from the donor dashboard. In case you cannot find the payment receipt in your dashboard, please reach out to info@anadhanam.org with the following details:

  • Screenshot of the payment
  • Donor's name
  • Donor's email ID
  • Project link to which the donation was made.

Our support staff will track your payment and share the payment receipt with you if your payment is successful.

You can write to info@anadhanam.org for any queries; we'll be happy to assist you.