Anadhanam offer web based and mobile based platforms for food redistribution - Anadhanam

Web-Based Platform

Web-based platform enables NGOs to get registered to get started. NGOs will have the option to add and update hunger hotspots and provider lists on a regular basis. From the mapping of Below Poverty Line (BPL) areas to networking with community kitchens and transporting and redistribution, this platform facilitates seamless interaction between all the parties involved. Web platform enables:

  • NGOs to get registered and sign in
  • View the NGO’s Admin Dashboard
  • BlockChain integrated for maintaining the payment transactions
  • Approval of donor payment
  • Approval of supplier and volunteer registration
  • Delivery schedule
  • Quality check of the food received
  • Delivery transactions
  • Geo tracking for volunteer pick-up and delivery

Mobile Application

Mobile app is primarily designed for volunteers who work on fields – such as the food distributors, food quality analysts, logistics partners, etc. Providing them with a digital platform to stay connected with the entire network as they complete excess food recovery and redistribution, mobile app enables them to carry out efficient food distribution across all the hunger hotspots. Mobile application provides:

  • A platform for NGOs to connect and request suppliers and volunteers
  • Identify and connect with hunger hotspots
  • Dashboard to track various activities
  • Status updates on food transaction
  • Dashboard that displays food quality check stats
  • Provide timely notification on various stages of food recovery and redistribution